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This is a default IPT hosted by OBIS-SEAMAP

You can use the following variables about the hosting organization:

  • description = Ocean Biodiversity Information System Spatial Ecological Analysis of Megavertebrate Populations (OBIS-SEAMAP), a thematic node of the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS), is aimed at augmenting our understanding of the distribution and the ecology of marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles and rays & sharks by quantifying the global patterns of marine species distribution and biodiversity and designing and implementing standard databases and innovative sampling techniques.
  • name = OBIS-SEAMAP
  • alias = OBIS-SEAMAP
  • homepageURL = [https://seamap.env.duke.edu]
  • primaryContactType = technical
  • primaryContactName = Ben Donnelly
  • primaryContactDescription =
  • primaryContactAddress =
  • primaryContactEmail = bendy@duke.edu
  • primaryContactPhone =
  • nodeKey = ba0670b9-4186-41e6-8e70-f9cb3065551a
  • nodeName = Ocean Biodiversity Information System
  • nodeContactEmail = w.appeltans@unesco.org